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Who I Am

 I began designing jewelry because I couldn’t find what I wanted: jewelry that is unique, made from natural stones and pearls with precious metals, well crafted, but not outrageously expensive. 

While I’ve taken many classes and workshops, I consider myself to be self-taught and always learning.

My inspiration comes from a lifetime of seeing old and new together in my hometown, Philadelphia; from my travels, especially to Florence, Italy; and more recently, from the light and colors of my adopted home in the Tampa Bay area.
Along with the natural materials that were my original interest and the metals I have learned to smith, I incorporate handmade Venetian glass beads, repurposed findings, and vintage elements. Whether the results are fun, funky, industrial, or elegant, they are always unique. Because every piece is handmade, no two pieces are alike.

You can reach me via email at

Who is TresClaudine? Does she exist?

The "Claudine" in TresClaudine arose from a lunchtime joke between a very dear friend and me. The name refers not to a person, but to the feeling of happiness, a certain boho spirit, and a nod to a different era that my jewelry expresses. 

HandCrafted Not Mass Produced

All of the jewelry you see here is handcrafted, which means that each piece is unique. My largest “run” of any piece is generally three, and each turns out a bit different, with its own personality. Like you.

I have lots of ideas, but two heads can truly be better than one. I love working together with a client to create a custom piece. Let me make something just for you.

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TresClaudine's Blog

I've been asked many times where my inspiration comes from.  The short answer is, I don't know.  It's everywhere. Something will catch my eye and I immediately start to wonder how I can turn what I saw into a piece of jewelry. Sometimes it's figuring out the technique,  other times it's deciding on the metal and possibly a stone.  But I do know it when I see it.